Good Finance has transferred all mortgage – backed customers

It has not been a month since we wrote about Good Finance Home Savings Bank that they have suspended their sales, so there are only three Home Savings Funds to choose from for those who want to open a Home Savings Account. This was not the first time that similar news has come from around the Good Finance Group House. Good Finance Credit Zrt. Completed the retail mortgage loan four years ago in 2014, and this deal was closed in early October.

Good Finance Credit Ltd. suspended the acceptance of new loan applications due to changes in the market situation. The transaction affected several thousand customers and the size of the portfolio is close to HUF 75 billion. The clients of Good Finance Credit Zrt. Are not equally affected by the transfer.

The executing clients were transferred to E-Money Bank

The executing clients were transferred to E-Money Bank

On 4 June 2018, Good Finance Credit Zrt. Signed an agreement with E-Money Bank to sell its nearly HUF 75 billion loan portfolio. The purchase was preceded by months of preparation and analysis between Good Finance and E-Money.

Customers with a delay of up to 90 days will therefore have been with E-Money Bank since 5 October, meaning that the installment payment will no longer be due to Good Finance but to E-Money Bank.

The transfer has modified certain terms

The transfer has modified certain terms

According to information published on the E-Money information website, the transfer has modified certain terms of the loan agreement, effective from the date of takeover, ie October 5. The modifications do not adversely affect the contract interest, fees and costs.

An important change for those who have previously settled installments via direct debit is that they will not be able to do so in the future. E-Money has opened a free loan repayment account for each of the debtors taken over and deducts the loan installments from there.

Customers who have been to E-Money Bank have been notified by post of Good Finance Hungary Credit Ltd. details of the transaction and related actions, as well as information on the E-Money Bank website . After October 5, E-Money Bank will answer any questions regarding existing credit.

What happens to late customers?


Following the closing. Will continue to operate under a new name, Good Credit Zrt. Delayed customers do not have to do anything, and Good Hitel Zrt.

After the closing, according to the Portfolio information, Good Credit Zrt. Will examine the situation of each customer with a delay and try to find a solution, depending on their financial situation, to facilitate the repayment process.

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